Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Integration

Integrating departmental systems into a consolidated IT environment can be daunting, but the introduction of Service Oriented Architecture to manage enterprise-wide data is both efficient and cost-effective. Value Global’s SOA expertise ensures optimized infrastructure and a common data model. Our approach implements new functionality while simultaneously leveraging existing legacy applications. This allows for improvements and visibility into enterprise-wide processes across disparate systems that can be evolved as needed to meet new requirements. Additionally, once implementation is complete, Value Global provides your enterprise with the tools and governance structure to successfully manage and maintain your SOA environment.

Advantages to SOA Implementation:

  • Unified, flexible design and run-time environments
  • Higher performance and scalability
  • Onsite-offshore engagement model enables value addition and cost reductions
  • Enhanced productivity and resource optimization
  • Automated consumer management
  • Centralized management, monitoring, and visibility
  • Lower compliance risk