Microsoft Solutions

With an estimated 75% of the world’s date residing in legacy systems, particularly Microsoft, companies can feel limited in their ability to upgrade or adjust their IT infrastructures without risking fragmentation or incompatibility. In response, Value Global has ensured that our professionals are not only proficient in Microsoft systems, but are able to expertly build upon and leverage them. We emphasize innovation on top of the foundational portfolio of Microsoft technology solutions to achieve stability and consistency. By bringing modernization and enhancements to legacy systems, your business can realize greater data integration, lower costs and risk mitigation.

Value Global also provides a product development solution (SOA) based on Microsoft technologies and platforms. We are experts in implementing a unified solution platform across distributed environments, thereby offering a unique enterprise middleware. Through our consultative engagement, we design user-friendly technology that enables better collaboration and business intelligence.

With our commitment to making the most of Microsoft platforms, we enable standardization across applications while allowing for speed and flexibility in adapting to new technologies.