Energy Information Explorer

A Reporting Framework from Value Global

The opportunity to improve decision making exists in every operational, financial, SCM and CRM system. With data always in motion both inside and outside of these systems, this process can only be enhanced by providing the right access and supporting analytics to the underlying data.

With our domain expertise in the Oil and Gas industry, Value Global offers customized solutions to optimize performance, enable quicker decisions and achieve operational excellence for enhanced production.

Unleash the power of EIE

An enterprise view of organizational data is often limited by a myriad of applications deployed to perform specialized business functions across multiple departments and geographical locations. Oil and Gas companies that rely heavily on the efficiency of their production operations, land asset management, revenue and financial accounting need business critical information that must be consolidated and transformed to an enterprise view before it becomes actionable intelligence on which decisions can be based.

Value Global, through its experience with multiple clients, has architected a reporting framework which allows you to leverage the power of OBIEE and provide seamless reporting intelligence from disparate systems.

The EiE dashboards provide you with the tools to enhance operational decision making, thereby increasing enterprise agility and ROI.

Interactive reporting

This explorer enables reporting that can be rendered in any format with rich graphs and forecasting tools, allowing users to convert data into actionable intelligence. The reports are completely integrated with Microsoft Office to allow sharing and make printing easy and effortless.

Report automation

The EIE portal allows the scheduling and batching of data intensive reports, which can respond to workflow events upon completion. It also allows spool data to be easily administered for other applications.

User control

Users have complete control over layouts, formatting, fonts and colors as well as a flexible range of output options enabling wide distribution via print, HTML web pages, PDF and online viewing.

Rapid report creation

A graphic, object-oriented interface enables the rapid creation of reports that combine grids of data, text, charts, graphs and images.

Reusable content

EIE Portal provides its users with a library of reusable report components for Enterprise Upstream and Oracle EBS that simplifies and streamlines the process of building and maintaining complex reports.

Base framework for integrated applications

The explorer provides additional adaptors to third party O&G systems to consolidate data across varied IT systems.

The EiE portal allows executives to inspect operational data and make decisions that reduce business risk, align operational and strategic objectives, and improve the financial health of the company.